We here at CHT are blessed with a strongly committed group of volunteers who assist us in all aspects of our organization.  However, there is always room to grow!

Roughly 1% of the people involved in our organization over a year's time are paid for their services.  The rest are people like you who may have an interest in developing the community around you through non-profit, volunteer organizations that help to boost the quality of life in the community.  We are the recipient of the hard work of both talented and committed people who want to participate in our mission.  However, we always need more volunteers willing to assist us.

The GET INVOLVED link at the top of the page can take you to an area where there is a great deal of information about how to get involved by donating your time to us.  Check out the GET INVOLVED area and we will be happy to find ways to match up your time and interests to our programming and organizational needs!